Beta Release 77 Now Scheduled for Thursday, Dec 27, 2018


We will roll out the latest beta release this Thursday between 3:00 - 6:00 pm PST.

Note: There is a protocol change in this version.

What’s New!

  • Drag and Drop Wearables: You can easily add a wearable by dragging and dropping the wearable’s JSON file directly onto your avatar.
  • Asset Transfer API: The client-side Asset Transfer API is active! With it, users can disperse and give HFC without being present. Be paid for doing good stuff! To see details on some things you can do, check out the documentation HERE:
  • New login screen: The new login screen looks the same across all platforms, and lets users retain their login credentials between sessions. Your content will not load until you either log in or dismiss the login screen.
  • Project Materials onto Surfaces: Adds the ability to generate texture coordinates in 3D space. Technical details here.
  • New Documentation has been added:

In addition, the first part of our overlay migration work is in this build. There are no user-facing changes at the moment.

For more specific details on what’s included in this release, see below.

Technical Details


  • Added ability to disable teleport (Settings > Controls > Teleporting)

  • Added ability to change the input method for the virtual keyboard and tablet. Choose between mallets, lasers, or a stylus (go to Settings > General > User Interface)

  • Fine-tuned the activation of the mini tablet:

    • Increased the time of display so it won’t activate as soon as in the previous build.
    • Adjusted the degree of your wrist turns to activate the tablet so it’s not as touchy.
  • Improved usability of the Create Tools:

    • Columns in the Entity List can now be re-ordered by clicking and dragging them.
  • Removed the highlighting from entities that are grabbed.

  • Improved stability and fixed network freezes experienced during FUTVRE LANDS with new optimizations to server protocols and data structures.

  • Improved start-up times on low-end machines by compiling shaders with the splash start screen in Interface.

  • Removed at-rest detection for hands in HMD, so that the hands are always where the controllers are unless you lose tracking.

  • Removed some QML TabletHome warnings that were noisy in the logs.

  • Added steps to run interface in Ubuntu.

  • Not saving all soft-attachment data, namely joint rotations and positions, when Bookmarking avatar as that was contributing to too much data.



  • Your handshake now looks normal when shaking hands in desktop mode. Previously, your arm could be shaking side by side and the hand looked mangled.
  • Handshake particles now disappear instead of sticking around after the shake!
  • Fixed memory leaks in the Avatar Mixer.

Create Tools

  • Far grabbing an entity won’t accidentally grab the tablet when using the Shapes or Create App.
    • Tablet is not grabbed if you’re editing an entity using either app and your hand nears the tablet.
    • Tablet is also not highlighted when your hand nears the tablet while editing an entity.
  • Corrected the labels for the Key Light Horizontal Angle and Key Light Vertical Angle as they were reversed.
    • The Lifetime field in the Create properties window is now a regular input field.
  • Added missing tool-tips to start, end and finish properties.
  • Fixed presentation of Particle and Material entity property pages. The affected fields are Size, Alpha, Spin, and Constraints.
  • Fixed a lag delay in when using the Entity property sliders in the Create tools.
  • Fixed the bug where you would be able to accidentally drag and drop files onto the Create window. Now you’ll see a warning that you can’t do that.


Domain paths in your domain settings are no longer case sensitive.

  • /Apple /apple /APPle are all the same path.
  • We make the assumption that if that is the case the user has entered a duplicate for convenience because of this bug and returning the first match will be correct.

Displaying the warning “Changing the domain ID for a Cloud Domain may result in an incorrect status for the domain on your Cloud Domains page.” when a user attempts to manually changed the domain ID of a cloud domain manually through the UI.

Calibrating Vive trackers work correctly now.

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed an Interface crash that was caused when using actionData on Entity Properties in a .js script.
  • Cleaned up shutdown code to fix crash on close.
  • Fixed a memory leak that was happening when Interface was minimized.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred intermittently when switching between Desktop and HMD mode.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when reloading all running scripts.


Re the meeting and the proposed feature vote system
can i request that this is now called votey mc vote face



But seriously, the feature-vote-system idea isn’t that bad.


This was addressed in version 76.

Also, I didn’t mention it at the meeting, but why was there a hotfix for 76.2 on the same day as the new release for 77?


Actually, using the money transfer api to make slot machines or similar gambling games (pay to participate) would technically be illegal or at least require the game provider to have a licence in some places.

I don’t think anyone knows exactly how this would work legally but I assume it would be comparable to internet gambling in that the responsibility lies with the game provider (domain owner) and not the service provider (Highfidelity) though they can be forced to block content in some regions.

around here (Denmark) providing gambling requires a licence, no mater where you are located, there is no real way of enforcing the law so it’s mostly a moral standpoint but it’s there and I do fear what the EU will come up with next in terms of restrictions.

I just don’t want anyone blocking my hifi, that’s all.


Regarding that, that’s 100% the reason I was not in favor of the stupid GDPR (yeah, let’s bring that sucker back from the dead again). There is no way for anyone to not follow it, meaning that if a user does try to comply by blocking EU services, it can be foiled via VPN, at which point that then begs the question: if something did happen, who’s at fault?

As for the API system, I think a stance like what Linden Lab has should be looked at for example cases, since they’ve been dealing with this exact issue from beginning to end (of the online gambling). I mean, none of their services are blocked in Denmark as far as I’m aware, so follow the leader and things should be okay.


Also, somehow my auto build script insists that 0.76.2 is the latest tag. I can override but I had a feeling the hotfix just before a release would cause trouble.


Certified! :+1:


v76.2 was a test to investigate the Oculus Store release mechanics and auto-update timing to ensure that v77 would release properly on the Oculus Store. There were no code or protocol changes that would affect you. Once that deployed correctly, we proceeded with the v77 release.


I only bring it up because I use a script that handles auto building based on the latest tag, and somehow 0.76.2 was always returning as the latest one, so I had to use an override (something I’m glad I threw in).

Also, unrelated to that, the smoothening on the vive trackers is now VERY aggressive. It feels like I’m moving in syrup with very noticeable delays. In addition, the hand controllers now shake terribly if I rotate them too quickly. If something was done to the smoothening system for the VR devices, it was done too hard. I know some users have made mention they’d prefer without it, and this time I know adding this wishlist request would be a chore, but is there any way this can be made optional like raising a flag or whatever?


Uhhh, yeah… about that.

So I have a pretty important make-it-or-break-it demonstration Tuesday night.

I purchased Skimi London Shop awhile back. It’s great! The issue is, I can rez that item, but after it is rezzed, it is locked in place!!! and cannot be moved. This is a HUGE problem for me.

@ctrlaltdavid - do you know of a way to move a certified item after it has been rezzed in the domain? Is this intentional or is this a bug? If it’s intentional, the item is effectively gimbal locked and can’t be rotated to face any other direction either.

  • deleted emotional rant


I’ve noticed that last day, when I rezzed stuff from the marketplace. After a relog the objects are ‘unlocked’. I guess this is a bug in the latest HF 77.x

The items are - of course - not locked by me :wink:


I’ll check into this. Thanks Skimi.


Is that possible that the json contains: “locked”: true ?


Not the json I’ve upload. And I can download the house from marketplace and move it around - but after a relog (since 0.77).


As a work-around, you may just need to reload scripts rather than restart Interface,

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