Beta Release 78 Now Scheduled for Thursday, Jan 24, 2019


We are on target to roll out the latest beta release next Thursday, January 24th, between 8:30 - 10:00pm PST.

Additionally, we’d be grateful if you took our new Creator Survey here. This survey is to help us get a better understanding of how users create content for High Fidelity. We are looking to understand how developers, 3D artists, avatar creators, event coordinators, and other users use the platform to create experiences in order to improve our tools and resources.

Note: There is a protocol change in this version.

What’s New!

  • New and Updated Documentation: The new documentation structure aims to help users get the information they need more easily by re-organizing existing content, adding new content, and improving navigation between related topics. Edit: Now released as of Jan. 28!

  • Avatar Packager: The new Avatar Packager helps you upload your Avatars so they are hosted in our Marketplace. Unlike other Marketplace submissions, this tools lets you host and use your avatar without submitting it for sale. See our Documentation for more information:

  • More granular settings to disable avatar collisions: You can now disable collisions with other avatars (Avatar App > Settings > Avatar collides with other avatars). The option to enable/disable collisions against your environment has been renamed (Avatar App > Settings > Avatar collides with environment).

  • Trash can feature for unwanted items: The Inventory app now contains a way to permanently remove items you don’t want anymore (Inventory App > Items > 3 dots menu > Send to Trash).

The next part of our overlay migration work is in this build. We’ve updated Create App with new Entity work as we deprecate Overlays.

  • API Documentation has been updated to communicate depreciation of dashed property of Overlays.
  • Modified our Polylines to support everything Line3D Overlays can do.
  • There are no other user-facing changes and you should see no change in behavior.

Technical Details



We’ve made improvements to the way avatars look at each other. Previously, avatars facing each other in conversation do not maintain eye contact if a single avatar appears behind one of the two. Now, your avatar focuses on:

  • Avatars that are currently talking when with avatars facing you and are an equal distance away from you.
  • Avatars that are facing you when they are an equal distance away from you.
  • Avatars that your head is looking at avatars are facing you and are an equal distance away from you.
  • Avatars that are closer to you when facing you.

In addition:

  • Your avatar will not focus on avatars that are facing more than 135 degrees from you.
  • Your avatar’s eyes will not focus on avatars that are more than 22.5 degrees to your left/right or on avatars that are more than 10 meters away.

Grabbing Improvements

We’ve made overall improvements to our grabbing mechanism so that dynamic objects retain their state, and they will move as expected as affected by physics:

  • Far-grabbed entities will not collide with avatars; instead, these entities are expected to pass through player avatars.
  • Far-grabbed cloned items will not lose their dynamics. This fixes a bug where these objects would lose their inertia and drop rather, rather than be thrown.
  • You are now able to grab all dynamic grabbable objects. This fixes a bug where objects that had previously collided with other objects could not be grabbed any longer.
  • Cloneable objects now retain their associated grab effect. This fixes a bug where startNearGrab was not triggered, was triggered before the item was fully created, or triggered before the script loaded.

Other Improvements

  • Optimizations and improvements to our Server/Network infrastructure address avatar performance and the issue of white-spheres lingering around.
  • In the Create App, you now have the ability to set the following Text Entity Properties: ‘Alpha’ on text and text backgrounds, and left, right, top, and bottom margins.
  • In the Create App, numerical properties now use a min/max value instead of decimal step as we transitioned over to draggable numbers in previous releases.



  • Options now display correctly when calibrating settings for the Vive (Menu > Settings > Controls > Calibration).
  • Avatars with long necks and odd proportions now scale correctly.
  • When removing the HMD, the avatar’s head will remain in a neutral position. This was correct in our Rift headset and brings parity to the Vive headset.

Create Tools

  • Replaced the default values for a particle’s ‘Horizontal Angle’ constraints to -180 and 180, so that they are in sync with the ‘Vertical Angle’.
  • Corrected the sorting mechanism in the Entity List when sorting by Texture Size. Previously, 10.0 would sort before 2.0.
  • Removed white edges from transparent image entities.
  • The Color Picker now correctly updates a new entity’s color when using the Color Picker with multiple entities.
  • Sections of the Properties tab in the Create app now collapse correctly.
  • When changing the registration point on a Polyline, the bounding box/line now moves as expected.
  • Fixed an issue when certain scripts would cause skyboxes to disappear when creating.


  • Multiple wearables are now displayed correctly in the Avatar App, and you can adjust them.
  • Corrected the voxel size of entities.
  • Fixed issues regarding scripting/coding:

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Polylines were changed in the Create App.


What if this is somehow desired? Is there a property that can be adjusted to allow for this?

Also, none of the pictures seem to be loading.


Yes none of the images are loading for me either.


I believe that if entities are set to collide with other avatars, they will bounce off of (but not push) other avatars. otherwise they will pass through.


Fixed - thanks for letting me know!


Has it been fixed for non-embed texture? The current packager wasn’t collecting the Gloss maps.


Yes, for new projects created through the new Avatar Packager, the following textures will be automatically copied: normal, albedo, opacity, gloss, roughness, specular, metallic, emissive, occlusion, scattering and lightmap.


Is it out yet? Steam hasn’t been issued any updates as of posting.


There is something wrong with transpareny in objects since this update. In my case it seems transparency works wrong in front of the skymap shader skybox (which is from HF).

The avatar upload and hosting feature is great! And I love the new images properties and how they looks inworld now. Also great new docs! - Thank you guys :slight_smile:


transparency seems oki fer me but who knows lol


It looks like the bug is with transparency in front of the skymap shader from the skybox (skybox from HF) - Transparency in front of other objects seems to be okay.


wonders if the skybox has a alpha channel , secondlife never liked alpha on alpha


But it worked here totaly perfect for month and years.


i blame thoys…


very nice window btw!


Yes, all platforms have been updated.


Thanks for letting us know Skimi – we’ve noticed this as well, and it’s on our radar as a top issue.


and it messed up my water shader too


Wow, beaming up the world much?

I’ve yet to run into any major quirks, but I do have one that has me really scratching my head. Until recently, I always used the steam version. I decided to use a self compiled binary and a good chunk of my complaints from past versions suddenly went away. The bigger issue is I didn’t deviate from the guide on GitHub at all (well, other than making a release build), so how come the self-made one seemingly runs better than the official?

Also, I’m not sure who or what did it, but with TXAA off, things look like AA actually exists now. In the past, it seriously felt like TXAA being off just disabled AA altogether.


It’S good to be able to upload our avatar on the HF server. But I’m not sure I like to see my avatar listed in my Submissions with all the products I put for sale. (unless I could specify at the import that it will be to put on the market place.)
The last thing I would like to see accidentally on market place.

Also: The 3 folders selector of the packager, don’t remember the path. We have to browse from the application folder each time. This is a bit annoying to use.