Beta Release 78 Now Scheduled for Thursday, Jan 24, 2019


grabbing in VR got… eh weird
I was working on a script that sort of worked before the update but now some entity properties like position rotation and localPosition are ignored when setting them in a releaseGrab function, but only from a VR near or far grab, mouse grab still works.

Dang… there goes my marketplace bonus :unamused:


If you haven’t already filled it out, I would LOVE to get people’s feedback on creating things for HiFi through the Creator Survey! :computer: :art:


I actually got told by another user that you guys have got rid of the avatar package for just on your own system how can you remove something that was so good to craters and advanced users I do not understand why you have done this I expect you to bring this back as soon as possible shame on you guys it’s not always easy to make FST

all it has to be is a button That’s all I’m saying and it’s not hidden


It’s still under Developer.

Also, unmentioned by the new packager: it does create the FST files and what not, but doesn’t include scripts nor mentions you can use the files in the project folder yourself. It creates the false illusion of needing to strictly use HF’s system.


I have a server where the zone skybox doesn’t render unless I do “restart” on of the server.
Is someone experienced that?

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