Beta Release 79 Now Scheduled for Friday, Feb 15, 2019


We are targeting Beta Release 79 for Friday, February 15th, between 8:00am - 1:00pm.

Note: There is a protocol change in this version.

What’s New!

The next part of our overlay migration work is in this build:

  • Updated the Create App with new Entity work as we deprecate Overlays.
  • Implemented feature parity between Web Entities and Web Overlays. Web Entities now support a maxFPS property, JS injection, and the EventBridge for communicating between HTML and JS.



  • The High Fidelity Avatar Exporter for Unity has been updated to display more specific warnings when exporting avatars for use in High Fidelity. In addition, the avatar exporter also supports the latest versions of Unity.
  • The “Avatar Leaning Behavior” now persists across sessions.
  • Avatar animations no longer “twitch”. We improved the handling of variable magnitude translation data with a a changed network protocol.

Create Tools

  • When editing a Zone Entity, you now have a visual representation of its shape and size.
  • Hidden columns in the Entity List are now sorted by descending order so that the blanks are displaced last.
  • New tooltip for ‘Material Mapping Mode’ and ‘Material Repeat’.


  • The Marketplace no longer allows editing assets while “Under Review”. This prevents users from receiving submission errors due to changed URLs when editing items under review.


  • The Marketplace Item Tester now identifies HTML- and SVG-related issues in apps. Previously, some apps would “pass testing”, though they would not render correctly they were uploaded to the Marketplace. Examples of these apps include Piratey Pete and Finger Paint 2 (which now work correctly) and Whiteboard (in the process of being resubmitted to the Marketplace).
  • New Developer setting keeps the Log window on top of the Interface. To enable this, go to Developer menu > Log > Keep window on top. The Developer menu is activated in Settings > Developer Menu.
  • Print statements are displayed in the Log window by default. You no longer need to turn on verbose logging.
  • We now avoid loading or referencing unnecessary plugins in Assignment Clients.
  • Client traits now have data limits, so that trying to send excessive amounts of traits data will reduce the update rate for traits.
  • Domain server backups will get tagged as corrupted instantly, rather than updating on a web-page refresh.
  • We’ve reduced the number of log messages sent from the Entity Script Server to improve the readability of logs.
  • New and updated icons for Interface and Server Console when using Development and Stable Release builds.



  • Avatars no longer raise into mid-air when nodding or moving the upper body.
  • Avatars display correctly when elements of the mesh share names with bones.
  • Wearables now display on your avatar correctly. They no longer disappear, detach, or float in the air.

Create Tools

  • Deleting text now works as expected, and the Delete key deletes the selected text rather than the entity.
  • Non-cube zone entities now check against their correct shape when avatars enter or exit the zone.


  • Translucent materials, such as portals, sunbeams, and the facial hair of Cop Can, will now render correctly instead of opaque.
  • Transparent objects should now show up over procedural skyboxes.
  • Default background of tablet apps is now grey in both desktop and HMD.
  • Wearables attached to the head now render correct while being adjusted.
  • The teal sphere for an ignored user renders correctly at the user’s location. Previously, the teal sphere would occasionally render at 0,0 in the domain rather the user’s location.
  • Fixed an issue where you would not be able to install Interface if VOMP140.dll is missing.


  • When using a Oculus Rift HMD, the security image now shows correctly in Settings > Security.
  • The SessionID of an owning avatar is again displaying in entityProperties.
  • The HMD-friendly Script Log remains visible when switching between HMD and Desktop modes.
  • The People App (PAL) correctly displays the username of your friends. This fixes a bug where the username would not display correctly for your friends.
  • Audio zones with extreme falloff no longer generate loud howling sounds heard from a very large distance.
  • Fixed a bug where the Tablet became unresponsive when switching between domains.
  • Removed spam from logs: [WARNING] [hifi.animation] animation contains joint = “artemis” which is not in the skeleton.

Crash Fixes

Fixed crashes in the following scenarios:

  • Using avatar entities with animations.
  • Closing Interface while a domain is still loading.
  • Switching between HMD and Desktop mode on launch from Oculus store.
  • Logging in to High Fidelity, visiting a domain, then logging out while in-world.

Android Changes

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when loading a new domain on Android devices.
  • Android users now have a selection of avatars to choose from with the ability to set display names.


“traits”? What exactly does this mean? Bone animations? Audio injectors? Script messages?


Yay looks like a cool update ^-^ #excite


Traits include the avatar model URL, display name, grab state, and avatar entities.


Hello, it s look s like I got after the update a black base.
Also my snapshots. I can not more upload they from the Asset Browser
Those all are loaded from my Asset Browser.

The rest of my Domain is OK.


Downloading and running server only I get:


And in task manager it shows the server console running but no assignment clients.

[Hotfix] Beta Release v0.79.1

Do you have stop all HF prosesses in the task manager, before you have start to install ?


Yes. Ended all HF processes (server console and ACs, are there any others?).

I also tried updating windows because sometimes on that machine, if windows has an update, HiFi sometimes acts up. But I still get the same result and error message.

I updated this local machine along with my DO 5 buck Phil server. Both work fine.

I’ll try another machine now.


also had a running process stopping the install using the hifi website one stuff


Next machine, I get the same error and server console running but no ACs, just like the other one.

The one thing that is different about the two that are getting the error is that they are both old machines running win 7. Maybe a missing .dll or .js include?


Oh look! The steam build is once again delayed! Why am I not surprised?

Seriously, what is going on? The fact I can build the client faster than waiting for the steam updates is getting ridiculous and defeats the point on why I use it.


Hey Flame – could you please try again and let us know? It is working OK on our end.


Nope! Still not there. And this is post restarting Steam. Three times.

EDIT: Fourth time’s the charm. Now it’s received.


now, I’m not sayin’ it’s broken, but in technical terms 79 is doin’ some weird shit.

when’s 80 gettin’ here?


Yep, my AFK ring is now colorless!

EDIT: Also, somehow 79 messed with the inspect script, which has worked since the dawn of time.


The doppleganger mirror app is a bit devastated with the release 79 (for me at least).
It displays my avatar over me and it has 100 m high with the mesh very deformed.


Nope. I’ve changed my mind, now I am prepared to say it IS broken.

79, for me, is unusable. Now I’ve got to figure out how to roll back to 78.1


This feature is not in 0.79.0 and was marked as completed for Beta Release 79.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention – this was our mistake. We are actively working on it, and it will be in Beta Release 81.

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