Beta Release 81 Now Scheduled for Friday, March 29, 2019


Going forward, to keep all documentation together, we will post release notes in our docs here. Please view Beta Release 81 notes here.

Please use the roadmap to post feature requests and report bugs.

If you want to notify us about an issue that involves sensitive information, please email

Thank you!

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  • Far grab now uses two hands to reduce accidental activation.

RIP any button scripts that relied on far grab. Also, no other platform has this issue. How is this ‘accidental activation?’ Once again, this should just be an OPTION for the user to decide if they want one or two hands for it.


Yeah that’s pretty serious, functionality like that should not be controlled by the engine but rather by the choice of the creators and users.

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I just attempted to use a previously working avatar that has custom bones (wings) with an animation that targets them in the “fly”state. Before Beta 81, this worked correctly - when the avatar started to fly, the replacement animation for the “fly” state is triggered from a FBX animation file stored on Amazon S3 (with all the other avatar components). This was achieved by listing the animGraphUrl = (path to custom avatar-animation.jason) in the avatars FST file, where the “fly” state in the referenced JSON pointed to the custom animation URL.

The method I used is detailed here:

If there have been changes to how this animation method works, I do not see it reflected in the documentation. Previously it worked very well.

Now, in Beta 81, when the avatar goes into the “fly” state, the root joint seems to have a different rotation and the arms and legs and flipped backwards in a very unnatural way. The animation on the wings still works, but the rotation of the avatar and other IK elements seem to be broken. All standard animations work correctly, only this one state is now broken.

Nothing about this avatar has changed, including 6 other variations of it - all of them are now broken.

I have posted this in the roadmap bug reports as well as sending to support@ - thank you.


Looks like it was smacked by a “beta” bug swatter :astonished:.


I see the same issue with an animated fbx (apevan) that is also flipped.


what’s going on here master volume gone really is this by design because This does not make any sense ?

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And not mentioned AT ALL in the release notes:

  • Can grab other user’s grabbable avatar entities. Remember that complaint everyone has about grabbing things by mistake? Yeah, now your friends can join in making it worse!

In all seriousness, it IS a neat thing, but that should have been thought out over more, especially since you pretty much made it so items have to be locked down or be completely ungrabbable.

EDIT: New Canny inbound:


I wonder if they actually set the IK poits when flying, and its getting conflicted on when the animation should be overriding the IK.

The arms look like what they should be positioned to if the avatar would regularly be flying.


81.1 i had a minor issue with updating the viewer and then logging in and it asking me to update the viewer with the same version. did anyone else have that b4 calling it a thing (has multiple versions installed in different places)


Yes. It happens to me too. Have been manually uninstalling the older release.


Out of curiosity @Judas do you keep a shortcut pinned to the start bar?


Yes I do. …

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