Beta Release 83 Now Scheduled for Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Beta Release 83 notes are available in High Fidelity’s docs here.

We are targeting Beta Release 83 for Wednesday, July 31, between 3 - 6 p.m. PDT / 10 p.m. - 1 a.m. UTC.

Note: There is a protocol change in this version.

Thank you!


So… still no Index controller support?

Also, with the mentioning that baking is now done… has the oven finally been added back to the traditional install of Interface?

Custom Index Support.


Anyone else get an error like this?


Reinstalling does not fix the problem.

“Added vhacd-util and Oven to all installers.”

Of course, there’s a bug where the oven will crash, but still (fixed here:

now I know you’re trying so I’m going to give you a break here I think you really need to work on these speaking animations and yes they are improvement but there’s a few issues with how they work your head seems to Bob what looks a bit like a duck suggestion of not moving the avatars leg as it keeps it away from the central point when you’re speaking to somebody maybe a little more subtle would be good if you’d like clips I’m glad to send them to you

another thing seems to be broken is reducing the frame rate focus is broken in developer mode and when you point laser in the Spectator camera it shows up again graphics department

and also graphics settings big improvement one recommendation though I would let people switch them on an off when it comes down to effects separately

and shadow seem to be broken still when casting a shadow from the avatar lower body in some situations don’t know with the need to redo the lighting on their environment

go to shoreditch for example maybe it’s a top shadow weirdness going on just look weird

Im not sure they want feedback or bugs reporting anymore Michelle , remember they broke up with us :stuck_out_tongue:

this has nothing to do community values this has to do with their business side so I think it’s appropriate but I get your point

Bump on this error: I’ve uninstalled twice and the game simply attempts to boot but does not succeed. Help!!

you are running Windows 7 or 8 -10

Something to do with windows as far as I can tell with verifying lot of links to Visual-Studio

is this a joke
how can i feel hifi is a exclusive experiance if any idiot can run it now

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@Firestrum @Twa_Hinkle Thanks for letting us know! We’re working on this with high priority. It looks like this is an issue related to Windows 7 or 8 – could you confirm what you are running?

Isn’t that a good thing though? HiFi running on low performance machines is perfect. It’s already multiple steps above SL because of that, SL is irreparable without a complete overhaul of every part of the engine. So performance is permanently going to be bad for it, if HiFi can get performance going now then this is the perfect time to do so before too many corners are painted in.

The lower cpu usage is really nice!

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The machine that I get the missing .dll error on is running win 7. If you scroll down on the forum posts to the beta 79 and 79.1 releases you can see my posts there of the problem I had with that release. I suspect it might be related to this one but that time it was the domain server (sandbox) rather than running Interface as it is this time. This time the domain server seems to work but I have no way to test it except to look at the settings page and see the ACs running, etc.

Another thing that I might be doing different from most people is that I always do a custom install. Installing Interface and Server or Server only did not seem to matter, but I always create desktop icons and never start after boot or start after install.

After getting no response from HiFi for weeks back then, I finally spent a few hours fooling around with the install. One thing I found is that I don’t think your uninstall is working correctly. I noticed that after doing an uninstall, most of the folders and files were still left on the hard drive and the same thing is happening now.

I am not sure exactly how I fixed it but what I did was to manually kill off all HiFi processes, do an uninstall, manually delete all HiFi files and folders, remove stuff from the registry, shut down, reboot and then do a clean install. I may have had to do some things multiple times and/or in different order and possibly other things as well, but I finally got it working.

The lack of response from HiFi kind of left a bad taste, so that is why I never posted anything about my success in fixing it.

Yes- I am running on windows 7.

It appears SHCore.dll was introduced in Win8.1. After some research online I see anecdotal evidence that it can be manually installed on Win7 and even Vista machines which should fix this problem, however the user/administrator on each Win7 box would have to do that.

Meanwhile, we have one idea that might fix it for all Win7 users but dunno if it will work yet (must test) and even if it does work I dunno when a 0.83.1 version will be released. This would be one of the high priority issues driving such an update.

I put up PR-16020 against 0.83.0 with a fix that might solve the Win7 problem. I don’t have a Win7 computer to test it on myself and it is an open question as to: “Will the interface client not bother loading the DLL if we don’t make any calls to its API at runtime? or will it always look for and load that DLL on startup?”

Perhaps someone with a Win7 machine could try installing that PR (once it successfully builds) and reporting back. Else we’ll eventually track down a Win7 machine and test it ourselves.

@M.L Thank you for your suggestions.

Any bugs can be submitted to the roadmap.

We just updated the release notes with new information regarding shadows: “Introduced shadowBias and shadowDistance as zone properties to allow precision when creating realistic shadows in different lighting conditions. NOTE: We tried to match the default values as closely as possible to the previous hard-coded values, but many existing domains that were already using shadows prior to 83 may now need a little additional adjustment to get these new properties set correctly.” Here’s the PR.

I tried PR-16020 but I still get the same error. Searching online I find lots of stuff about it. Searching on the machine that it occurs on, I don’t find it installed. I may be wrong but, isn’t that dll used for DPI scaling?

Seeing how this error is new to HiFi, I wonder if it has something to do with updating the QT version or .Net stuff.

It seems like MS is trying hard to end support for anything non-win 10.

This sort of makes the new “works on any computer” goal kind of…

[edit] oops… I just saw kencooke’s post… maybe that will solve it