Beta Release 83 Now Scheduled for Wednesday, July 31, 2019

@Twa_Hinkle thanks for testing. I implemented Ken’s suggestion and pushed an update to that PR. It should complete build in about half an hour and be ready for test again.

Edit: The error does not have to do with QT or .NET. We started using that lib recently to detect the current display hardware, as part of a larger “detect CPU and graphics card” library. However we don’t use Win7 internally and don’t have it in any of our test rigs. We’re willing to support it if it isn’t too much effort, but end-of-life for Win7 is coming soon (Jan 2020, I think) from MicroSoft.

I was being humorous

Throttled FES If Not Focus Broken 0.83.0
I will add more later I consider this a priority
If you have been filming in the past this will affect you

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I don’t know if you check that picture but there is certain avatars that are really broken with this shadow problem you will see their heads only showing off don’t know if this is fixed or not

Remember, very often that:

Judas == Sarcasm.deadpan(culture_British)


Our own testing shows PR-16020 working for Win7. Win7 users should install the latest installer from the link below. We’ll close that PR, but the proper fix should be in 0.83.1 whenever that happens.

Fix for 0.83 on Win7:

@Twa_Hinkle @Firestrum

Here is the install for that fix (includes the option to install sandbox as well).

Thanks for the quick response. The new PR seems to have fixed the .dll crash on startup.

I would have tried it earlier except that I was backing up stuff and packing “caught on fire” win 10 VR newer computer to have it fixed. They claim they will fix it for $500. If so, then cheaper for now.

Only thing I can say about new version so far is: I crash a whole lot more and the audio is very poor with this older system. And yes, it is below min specs as of now. But It used to work a few weeks ago, as it did for 4 years until now.

But thanks for the PR fix, at least I can sort of log in until I get back to better computers.

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