Beta Release Candidate to End the Alpha Forum?


So I’ve been kicking the dirt around on Playa.

Hanging out in my CV1.

Meeting new people (they show up everyday there is at least one)

It is starting to really come together. I watched the sunrise (shader) over the horizon past the neon signs. Incredible.

Made me think back to a time when shaders were not supported. When Skyboxes were introduced.

Back when voxels were a thing, and interns used javascript to make planets.

It got me thinking that this might mean the end of the forum. A place I’ve grown comfortable and quite fond of over the last year and a half. I don’t know if they intend to take away the forum when we roll beta, or if it will become but some day in the future this forum will cease to be.

It’s been a pleasure serving as an Alpha with the rest of you.


Does this mean you have to change your name to BetaVersionD?


Intressting question, but i moved that a but aside not long ago. The make the software beta. But it still feels alpha and incomplete.

Btw, i looked at the playa, but only some objects appeard. No terrain. No skybox. It feels like plsya is just not loading right. It where complete black and no stars.

It loked like this topic, but without terrain.


Maybe there will be a beta forum, maybe this forum will continue, but seriously, if the alpha forum is closed, and the myriad bugs we have reported that have not been taken up into the HF bug reporting system get lost or discarded, I will be pissed off.

My biggest concern to date here is the lack of a decent process to log the bugs, log the deficiencies and record the feature requests we have all discovered or concluded should be considered. It is high quality information. It would be a damn shame to see this knowledge lost.

@AlphaVersionD, maybe it is coming together for you and perhaps others, but it is not at all coming together for me. Yes, the nice shines are happening, lovely shaders, great procedural skyboxes (I do like that day/night one), but building is a PITA, physics sucks, ATP sucks. Granted these pending bugs/issues are post MVP issues, but I’ve never considered the MVP as described to be a beta level bar. I think we are approaching alpha 2 - some stuff works well, other stuff kinda sorta works, many things are broken. Beta means most things work. We are not there yet.


This is an area we definitely plan to improve on. I don’t think you’ll get any argument from the HiFi team that we want to do better on this score.


I think I can confidently say this forum isn’t going away. The name might change, but it will persist.


For me the biggest stopper is the lack of good inworld terrain and water edit tools. Must idea you get when you see the landscape. You shape the landscape around idea’s. nothing of that is possible now. Really, mesh terrain from outside tool sucks, it cannot be shaped inworld.

Then there some things with the build tools, that need fix. MouseLook mode or can we better say 'look around mode’on the xbox controller is really a missing piece. besides the assignment on the controller is still good for some fine tuning. I try to dig in the gamepad.js but mouselook is missing at all.

And if i understand @Balpien.Hammerer correct, some inworld build blocks like secondlife have would make it more intressting for people. It would fit in the idea. ‘do what you want on your domain’

Anyway the alpha forum is still hard needed, until most problems are fixt and it can go beta in few months.

Oh, and we still cannot run. walking is so slow !