Better sumaries of meetups


I feel starved for information about new features and developments, I missed the last meetup, sound wasnt working, I missed many meetups and so missed much information, each meetup I could hear I learned lots so I know there is good info to be shared.
I had a big rant about the lack of information being shared and then removed it. Without the emotions I feel that new information is not being made available except at meetups, to miss a meetup is to miss the info.

I would like to put out a call for more detailed information about the subjects covered at the meet ups please.

If that info given at the meetups was on the forums then we would all be better able to deal with all this.


Hey Adrian,
I have already documented the last meetup ( ) and will try to document the next ones as well. If you have questions about one point in the WIP list; just PM me and I will tell you everything I still know about it. I hope this will solve the problem a little.


Giving a good summary is vital for those who either technically or physically can not hear the meeting–or who can’t attend–the summaries are appreciated. If anyone wouldn’t mind taking minutes we can pay you C credits :smiley:


Thx but what I find in your documentation is exactly this…

“Stereo input for artist
Function to detach and reattach attachments
Oculus Rift UI
Properly settings for servers
Marketplace for scripts and objects”

This is hardly documentation, this is a list of headings with absolutely no information attached, and tells me nothing, sorry.
“Marketplace for scripts and objects” Ok great, but wait, what? Marketplace??? where? is there one, are we going to make one, can I start one? how can we consider a marketplace when objects dont seem to have any properties yet, You see what I mean? You say Marketplace but that tells me nothing, we need real information, direction, guidelines recommendations, not just a list of subjects currently in the pipeline.

This is what I mean by starved for information, we need to know whats going on. Thank you.


Hi @Adrian I could see about recording this weeks meetup and see how that works.



Hi @chris welcome back,
yes that would definitely help if the recordings were made available on the forum or directly to the alpha users somehow, anyhow, doesnt matter, what matters is that the information be shared.

See an audio dropout of even 5 seconds is enough to obscure some important information and I just feel you are relying too heavily on a single hour a week to disseminate critical information. Its not very effective to rely on audio alone especially with a known dysfunctional audio system.


@adrian another suggestion is to subscribe to a weekly digest of the forum as we use this as a place to post major updates. We also have a worklist job up that would help document changes that come through from each Interface update. .


@Chris - that is exactly what i requested in the chat box at last weeks meeting because so many of us were having sound problems. Itt also feels like the speakers are not looking at chat so often there are effectively 2 meetings running in parallel. Be great to get some progress on this whole sound issue