Big problem: Avatar collision shape incorrect and to big


Ok, i found a big problem. I always where using the Zach avatar.

My building is scaled so a door is 0.90 meters with. technical a bit more. My zach avatar can walk perfect in the building and enter fine… or leave.

Today i made a new mixamo avatar for myself, and i love it. when i did “package model” i have selected “avatar with body and head” And the avatar have the same size as Zach. But i cannot get in or out of the building anymore !

The problem is that the collision shape “avatar with body and head” is much bigger. ** TO BIG !** So my scaled building get a bit useless and you get instant Secondlife Nightmares if you need to make bigger doors. i never want todo.

Zach avatar with wrong collision model. but works with door entrance

My avatar with “avatar with body and head” mode. But failing with door entrance.

Now my question, how can we get a workaround for this problem without ruining the scale , build or collision from the building. best would be if the collision model can be made smaller.
I want to show my building next meeting (monday) but that can be funny, not everybody can get in :open_mouth:

And am pretty sure the only correct model package this days is the “avatar with body and head”.


That is very interesting. It looks like the avatar shape is a capsule formed out of three hulls: two spheres and a cylinder. The capsule tends to be used as the basic avatar physics shape, in many systems for many reasons (primarily makes walking predictable). but it looks like the scaling and positioning are quite off, likely just a bug introduced when the avatar model was redone.


I just made a copy of the building, scaled that up by 3 meters.
I gte the idea that scale is mabye not so bad, that is why i mae a test building. Most doors i can enter now, except the stairway door. a bit smaller collision shape would still be welcome. Now let’s see what others think tonight.

Add, hmm. still cannot walk the stair’s. collision shape avatyar still to big in building that is 3 meters bigger.


One thing you can do is bring the collision model directly into High Fidelity so you can have a look at it. Just link directly to the .obj.


@chris My collision model is fine. the problem is that the collision shape from soem avatars like my new one are the big. much bigger then the avatar. but i will load the collision shapoe inword to so others can have a look at it


Yup, this is a bug. I’m working on it today and hope to have a fix soon.


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I submitted a fix for the problems I was having with the Owen character. The PR was here:

and it was already merged so hopefully your problems with character collision capsule are fixed. If not then post here again, comment in that PR, or ping me directly.


Build 3077 works fine for me.


Well, it appears that my fixes broke things: some avatars now collide with shapes that are too small. I’m working on it again.


Ok, I’ve got a new fix which should work better. This is not perfect – if you make an avatar with mesh offsets that are very far from the mesh itself then the collision shape will be wrong but we’re going to have to fix that later. Eventually we’ll provide per-joint collision shapes that use the actual mesh vertices rather than the approximations of today.