Big sweep up on my sandbox


After visiting the house which is in my local sandbox, I want to start doing my personal job.
My fisrt idea is to remove all objects to import my personal items.
More precisely, how to remove all these objects quickly and make a clean place, and also remove that hideous sphere that wraps my sandbox and shows the panoramic image of city.
Initially, I want to keep only a simple plan on which my avatar will be able to walk, as we start with a virgin sim under opensim.


Go into edit mode. Click the entities list. Set the search radius big enough. Set it to 32668 and press the refresh button.

After that make sure the slider is on the top and select the first item.

Press shift and hold it and click the last item.

Everything is selected. Now press the lock key and check if everything is unlocked. Make sure everything is still selected and press delete. That normally remove everything.