Bingo Extremo: Photographers Wanted!


High Fidelity is looking for some photographers to shoot our upcoming event Bingo Extremo on February 7th from 3pm - 4pm PDT. The photographer’s job will be to roam the crowd during the event and ask people if they want to get their photo taken. The photographer should encourage people to get their photo taken, make funny poses, and have fun! When the event is over, a dropbox folder will be provided to submit the photos for payment.

Applicants must have an intermediate to advanced level of skill using the High Fidelity client and the Snap app. Applicants should ideally have a working knowledge of shot composition and photography.

Applicants will be paid 2500 HFC ($25 USD) to work from 3pm - 4pm PDT the day of the event.

HFC is now convertible to $US. To learn how go here.

Please only apply if you can commit to working that date and time.

Apply Here

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