Black Dragon Viewer Makes SL look like an AAA Game


I think that improvements to the HiFi Interface can take some lessons from this…


A aaa game 10 years ago


You have to admit it’s pretty good compared to HiFi… Just look at the texturing on this wolf character. My point is however that the graphics are handled on the HiFi interface and it needs to be improved. If SL ever figures out how to make VR and HUDS work in SL then they will pretty much win back the market and can just drop Sansar all together. The guy who wrote Black Dragon is just out there in the wild. HiFi should grab this guy up and pay him mint to fix their interface and buy the rights to Black Dragon. IMHO


I don’t have to agree
Second life doesn’t use physically based rendering like modern game engines .hifi is beta software still very in development
Second life had a Vr viewer @ctrlaltdavid made it idont know what became of him.
If Linden lab believed second life had a future they wouldn’t be investing in a replacement


OK, that’s fair. We are all allowed to have our own opinions. We can get so bent on the technology that we forget that for most it’s the results that count. I’m not saying that HiFi is bad and I understand it is still Beta… You would think that HiFi would snatch up the best talent to bring this dream out of Beta. What this guy has done is genius and I’m rooting for the home team to snatch up this free agent… nothing bad in that is there?


What looks good is a really subjective topic.Is Picasso a AAA artist, not very real looking is it maybe he should look more like secondlife.
Thinks a wolf in a leather jacket looks like one of those paintings those women who have crystals and wind catchers and think horoscopes are real would like
but each to their own right


LOL, that cracks me up… OK well I have to respect you for hanging in there all these years waiting for a finished product. I for one bailed at the beginning and am returning for the reasons I put in my original post. Most people don’t know what PBR, spectral maps, diffused maps, ect are. All they care about is what they perceive. I know we will get there but at what price? Will another actor beat HiFi at it’s own game? So please forgive me for being impatient and looking around at what can and should be done. If we realize this is a race we might pay more attention to what else is going on around us. Programming in a vacuum can be detrimental. Perhaps we will see a leap in progress over the next year. I hope so.


its self explanitory enjoy

gta5 which must be 5 by now still amazes me

the difference between them and hifi is 2000 staff

sl looks more like gta3


Thank you… Those are nice videos.


I used to be in contact with the Black Dragon Viewer’s coder. Haven’t talked to them in awhile.

Part of their reason to make it was due to wanting a viewer that actually used the resources of the system properly and just to improve the rendering in general. I wouldn’t say it makes SL look like a AAA game unless you are rocking a hardcore system, since it is still handicapped by SL’s core rendering not being the most optimized thing in the world (which is why CTRLAltDavid’s VR viewer is a major achievement).


I wonder if they would be interested in looking at the HiFi client to see if they could find a way to optimize it.


tonemapping alone, and a good set of starting templates for creators with good samples for basic scripts would be something not that difficult to implement but with a great value vs effort.

I’m quite optimistic High Fidelity will understand this soon :slight_smile:


We already have tonemapping. It’s been part of the LUCI script for awhile.


Vr is also not only a matter of display.


Which frankly is why I’m here… I’ll just put my opinions away for now. :grin:


I only discovered a script with tone mapping two days ago. And apparently @philip didn’t know about this capability until i published some photos on the telegram group. @FlameSoulis so evidently there is a bit of communication lack among HF’ers, isn’t it?

What I’m suggesting in many other posts here in the forum (forgive me for being so hard headed on this subject and repeating myself), is that the good things are not easily accessible and smart-ly hidden (see for the difference between smart and clever :)). Installing the .qml script for tonemapping on MacOS or on Windows is not trivial at all, so this possibility is practically off-limits for 99% people coming casually to HF and “tasting” it after a fresh install.


Not sure I get this tonemapping thing it was always in the script library remember s thoys doing a zone that switched between them


Yeah it’s a feature that’s been in there since debug renderer / (now) luci

I recall drax even playing with it for a bit.


where is that thoys zone? And where is some documentation for this fantastic hidden treasures? :slight_smile:


(function() { this.enterEntity = function() { Render.getConfig(“ToneMapping”)[“curve”] = 3; Render.getConfig(“ToneMapping”)[“exposure”] = 5; }; })

was this in the script url