Black particles


Is it only me or it’s impossible to use black to make a particle effect in High Fidelity?

I tried to make dark smoke, if I use a white texture, it stops to render if I set the color to black.
I get the same thing if I use a black texture and use it on a particle effect that is already working.

That seems a bit limitative if we can’t use black.
I create an amazing fire effect, but I can’t make the dark smoke to go with it… only the gentle light white smoke.

Yes it’s bette for the environment, but we can’t run a pope election with that :wink:

It is expected ? a bug? a limitation? or I just try to push to hard while it is too early in the developement?


Completely black is read as transparent if u need black use virtually black
That’s why they call it virtual reality


I guess the alpha channel was not enough…

I will simply put a text ‘Dark Smoke’ over my fire… and let people imagine it. :wink:

That’s by the way the kind of thing that will be problematic to be changed in the future… It might impact all the existing particle effect. I wonder how they can make this evolve without affect everything?.. maybe add a version number on the algo used for a specific particle effect ?


Yes, its currently impossible, all particle effects are annoyingly enough additive, meaning they always appear to get to a color of white eventually.

I would want different types of masks, and its definitely something that should be suggested to hifi.