Blender 2.76 , strange changes?


Just installed blender 2.76, but not sure if it’s improvment. Mabye it’s me but when you want to select a face you need to click close to the center dot now.

ADD: Going back to 2.75a. It’s now so bad that i cannot select parts or some edges. Not sure what happend. with 2.75a i still could not select the edges or some parts. So started from scratch with project. just started, so not much lost.


Odd havent had that specific issue at all with 2.76


try importing a mixamo ava into it , look for michelles pik on the pik thread…


I know, that’s when i decided to upgrade. wow new version must be better. Uhmm sofar i see not for me !


Went through all my tests and only issue Ive bumped into was infact the importing decoupled skeleton / rotation of mesh vs skeleton issue… (will probably post a bug report to the tracker that mixamo auto-rig stuff dont work) I dont use the import mechanism, so cant say much about it. it is quite straight forward to fix though (Scale, rotation to match skeleton, done).

Everything else seems to work as it did earlier. Been loving all the weight-smoothing, scult/paint, and uv skinnig improvements: Been using them since RC.


Hmm, why did selecting a face then work different bad for me ? i imported the old configuration.


Try reconfiguring it to your liking instead of importing an old one, the issue might be from there


And how do you fix that with the saved setting in the blend file. not a lover of recopnfigure. it’s always disaster with all the changes. i can try that someday. i go finish something first

@menithal, thanks seems to work better now. Now i need to finmd the fbx settings back


Now i have wiped the configuration to get blender 2.76 running correct. The FBX file is missing textures, only see one in high fidelity. And not sure if it’s blender, a setting or a screwed high fidelity version. But i think bledner is doing soemthing wrong, the file size seems to small for the amount of jpg textures.

This is how the exporter is configured now, and i think that’s correct.
There also less settings in the exporter. then in 2.75

Is the above correct ?


You have to press the lil empty box icon to embed after selecting copy


So more clicking. Not sounds like the exporter is improved in 2.76. Going to test it. Would be nice if blender have high fidlety exporter.

Add: I see it’s a toggle.


its actually the same amount of clicking, they just switched it from a checkbox, to a lil-icon toggle. It abit unclear however at first glance. Took me a few minutes to figure it out when I did a quick test…