Blender and alpha, why is that so hard. and then we have alpha with high fidelity


I have big problems with alpha textures in blender, you use PNG for that. But blender don’t like png with alpha. It’s not displaying it. I finaly have alpha in blender, but i think high fidelity still have not fixt it. or i do something wrong. offocrse the fbx viewer is showing it fine. Urgent fix needed for alpha.

Other problem, it seems my glass don’t have a texture. so it’s not showing in high fidelity.

But, the question.
How can you get png alpha textures working in blender ?


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Blender must have transparency set for the shader for it to use the alpha values on the textures: See @summer4me… response, especially post .I also documented that in the Notes on Blender, see Materials