Blender Avatar Colision Bug scale is allways 1 why is hf 0.01


My avatar seems rigged ok

But the collision shape is massive
turning collisions off only works for me

The size of the collision shape seems to be created automatically

Can enable collisions be tweaked to turn it off so other people don’t collide with mine?
I would prefer to be able to attach a collision shape to my rig manually
@chris mentioned parenting things to my fingers to play this piano were talking about making
if that’s possible then we could just make our own collision volumes…


That’s just a plain ole bug (reported months ago). The shape is supposed to be a capsule (two spheres and a cylinder). Hmm, looking at it, you can see it is a capsule, just that the minor diameter is totally off.


I get that part. The untweaked mixamo avatars import into blender and out fine. Once I changed the head on mine the capsule goes massive.If i knew how they are generated I would stand a chance. or just get rid of it. I haven’t changed the rig just re parented a different head to it. its location rotation and scale are all zeroed out.


It was reported here: and @leviathan posted it was fixed. This was 5 months ago. Would be nice if the bug report could be reopened. Is there a bug reporting system?

P.S. If we had a proper bug reporting and resolution system, this would have taken anyone 30 seconds to find.


"(2) Unfortunately I was unable to find the source of this bug, and had
to cutoff my efforts hunting for it, so I’ve introduced a HACK / WORKAROUND"

sod it then am done with avatars


The scale of the mesh needs to be 0.01
Before I knew that my avatar collision shape was huge.


Is this the meters versus centimeters scaling bug?

[edit] found it. @ozan mentioned it:


it is @Ron.Khondji

thanks tho. ill go back to static models until i feel like pissing my time away again


That’s the armatures scale.

I used Lenny’s armature to rig my avatar. The armature had scale 0.01, but my mesh had scale 1. The avatar looked ok in Hifi but stood 30 meters above the floor and wouldn’t go down until i made the floor fantom.

Also I think the armature x rotation should be 90.


I dont understand scale it seems the jacket is scale .01 the head is scale 1
if i scale the head to .01 then its teeny small

¬.¬ explain it like ur explaining this to an idiot


Scale the head up to 100, aply scale, scale back down to 0.01. Done.


does that and runs off to try again


ur a geniussssss thank u so much for that

we need to make an exporter to do that now lol


scale to 0.01


You realize by now, @Judas, that the exporter or process change mentioned is a workaround hack to an architectural error in the HF design. Let’s fix the first principles scaling design error instead of institutionalizing it.



What i have learned
Blender can do everything required to make a functioning hifi avatar
But unless you can already do that elsewhere
don’t even bother trying its sooo screamingly pedantic and quirky you will get the brain fizz


As I’ve bitched, pissed and moaned about for MONTHS there’s a bug in physics where the assumed units for models is not in agreement with physics. It’s not a matter of picking scales proper or anything else. FBX reader assumes one thing - OBJ reader another. When I made a boatload of physics shapes for Chris the only reason I could do so was knowing I had to scale all models to .01 - create physics with vhacd-util then apply those to an unscaled display model in world. Looking at the blender capsule shape it seems exactly the same issue.


I think its time to riot
This thing is going public in May and this shit will kill it.
People will come in here and say how do I do this and that
and we will shrug and go meh I dunno.
If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.
Stuff i thought I understood about 3D hifi makes me doubt

Scale should be 1 scale is always 1 not bloody 0.01



The metaphor I imagine is that there is growing pile of mail, email, notecards, and voice messages at the HF lobby that will remain unopened until March (did it slip into May already?). Big piles of unopened mail tend to get tossed or lost, so it may be best to wait until the lobby attendant shows up.

Chris was fairly clear in the last meetup that here is some mega heads-down activity going on until the MVP happens, whose feature-set seems to not be ours to influence. Maybe it’s time to visit the sandbox and go burn some virtual logs to stay warm :confounded: Let’s see what works. That seems to be what we are expected to do.


I have to admit - between the crashes and simple impatience with trying to extract the 1% of useful info from 99% static… I can’t bear the meetings or going through the video. So - this is all a rather shocking revelation to me that the following is happening.

This reeks of a desperate attempt to establish relevancy at time of Occulus production release. I really hope this doesn’t doom this project to a level of fatal ridicule by exposing it to an audience that will be largely hard core gamer and 3D artist types. Barring some gigantic not yet seen magical rabbits in hats… I don’t see how the current available technology can do anything but exactly that - doom this to the what the hell is this crap bin and crush a lot of dreams for a lot of things.