Blender colission volumes Top secret shhhh


Top secret method of creating colission volumes
tell nooone :stuck_out_tongue:

In Edit mode -> Select the faces you want to collide with. Nb only select whats actually essential or u b in lag city
    With the subdivided faces selected -> Ctrl + E -> mark sharp
    Add edge split modifier -> uncheck edge angle
    In Object mode apply the edge split modifier
    (optional) in Edit mode -> select the faces if not selected -> Ctrl + E -> clear sharp
    In Edit mode -> P -> separate by loose parts

export just those parts as an obj
load into the compound shape url in the model properties

hey presto collision volume

also if your interested
if u stick a mesh into edit mode
and type convex hull into the space bar search thingy blender will generate a convex hull automatically
also tell no one :wink:


To be honest the Edge split modifier to make the convex hull is a really bad idea now that I think about it: it separates it per face that meets the edge split criteria and might be a contributor to fps drop: The main use of the edge split modifier is actually to make the shaders play nice,.

Instead you should optimize the model by using actual convex hulls instead of lazy surfaces: This way you make sure everything is optimized and you wont have over 1000 infinitely thin surfaces per straight face that are recalculated to be a specific thickness.

So just have the walls as full convex shapes and align with it, sorta like what the V-HACD does but manually. The trick is to keep the convex hulls all as separate objects in blender, but exporting it into a single file.

This works both in FBX and obj.


I’ll wait on the video from chris first.