Blender , fuse avatar export = black in FBX viewer (solved)


Getting closer to fix a few things on my fuse avatar. But i have a big problem back. The avatar is showing complete black after export. the file size is cut in half too.

I just have saved all uv texture maps, that made the export file bigger. But still FBX-Viewer is showing it black. Export it self and rigging seems to be fine :slight_smile:

What do i wrong or forget todo ?

ADD: For some reason it looks like the textures not get add to the avatar. or not found. hmm…

Another ADD: Ok i fixt it, the trick i did is bake the UV-Maps to a new UV-Map. mabye a fgew more because the eyes and eyebrows are on seperate map. Side effect is that i do not have any speculair map etc now onb the avatar. But it better this way then with glow. At some point i need to do that clothingless avatar i have to, then i can make own clothing and wear that.

Eyebrows are possible still a bit broken, The colors are a bit flat now. need to try to work with the bones from menithal and other body not from mixamo. But at least the glow is gone !