Blender Gurus...please advise


OK, so very close to bringing in a makehuman avie. I am following the brilliant @Menithal tutorial. (with assists from @KevinMThomas)
My problem is a Blender one. I am up to the part where I have to edit proportionally on the left eyelid to create the blink. I have used proportional edit many times, but for some reason, I can’t seem to reset the size of the effect neither with the scroll wheel, nor the page up/down. Grab Z moves the whole body down!

I poked around the internets, but could not find a solution. Any ideas?

tl;dr: my proportional editing is not working. Blender 3.74

Thanks in advance.


I’m by no means a blender guru, but I had the same problem.
The initial proportional edit size is huge. You can see the number in the lower left corner. To get it to a useable size you have to scroll a lot.


Ron is correct on this. The initial proportion edit is absolutely huge. Should have mentioned this in the tutorial: you can change the scale smaller by scrolling down (or using page down). Scrolling up will increase the size.

Basically you have to scroll a couple of times down before it start to be in the scale of the eyelid. Takes a bit of time to get used to :wink:

You can find more info in