Blender, how to make from different (FBX) parts a new FBX file, without


Ok, my idea get a problem…
I want to make serveral seperate parts, like windows doors etc. that i can reuse in other build.
SO you don’t need to redo everytime all the UV mappings. But this idea seems sofar i see have one big fail.

If i join 2 fbx files, in this case the same. the file did not got smaller. My fault want i did not copy that part :open_mouth: But is it possible to make from different fbx files that have textures etc. aligned correctly a new fbx file without bloating the file ?

I think it can work, but if i use the same window i need to copy in object mode the part to keep size smaller.

Other problem, working with png files. because that’s for my best file. but… the size is pretty big still. 512x512 texture. Not sure if jpg works. What is the best way to keep filesize small. Ok…Ok, use smaller images or higher compression :stuck_out_tongue: but mabye i missed something else.


Yes you can.

If they are separate object in blender, you can skip the first step:

  1. In Edit mode, use the face select, select the components (ctrl + L for linked if using edit face mode), then press P to separate the faces into separate object.
  2. Select the object you want to export, and when export with use Selected objects only.

When objects are “separated” or Joined they maintain their UV map. If you edit the vertices in anyway (add / remove vertices) however, then you may need to redo the UV map.

Just as a side note, You will have to put it back together in Hifi though.


I don’t want to export it as seperate parts.
But i think i already figured that out. So now time to make idea’s and parts, and more parts.