Blender meri challenge and problems


If i download Meri
and her associated fst and put her all in my dropbox she works fine (apart from the eyes)
If i import her into blender using

then save her out as a binary fbx she looses her faceshifting.
The blendshapes (shape keys) are all intact and working prior to export

if i load her into faceshift and pair up the mouth

it gives me a different shape key name than the original Meri comes with
new one is bs = JawOpen = Untitled.011.jawOpen1 = 1
old one is bs = JawOpen = fce.jawOpen1 = 1
neither work back in hifi.

if i export meri from blender as a asci fbx i can get the faceshifting all working and everything apart from the hands closing …

im stuck can anyone help? im going around in circles and ready to spit the dummy lol


Hey, I looked at this yesterday on the model you were working on.

Faceshift is just throwing you off the loop with <mesh_id>. which seems to be normal when exporting multimesh binary files with the same shapekeys names (so it knows which mesh the shapkey value is apart of). Its its way of differienciating between the various mesh and their shapekeys.

Make sure you have the extra shapekeys removed from the clothing, hair before you export from blender.

I’ll look into this further in the evening.


forget my avatar all i want to do is import meri to blender and export her with no other changes. and have it all still work.
Until I can do this I have no no point trying to make anything
iom going to pull my tutorials until this is solved as half working isn’t good enough

also worth noting that the cache prevents a changed avatar updating. You must clear the cache between attempts


Cracked open the fbx file and took a peek:

Try this and “borrow” the bs values. (will be changed to a txt file later with the models removed)

Here are my findings:

  • when importing the mery avatar is to clear all pose transforms. this will fix the eyes being in the socket and the neck position on the default pose (the default pose is off in the imported fbx file). The model it self has some values set to it that causes that issue:
  • Just incase merged the eyelashes, and the brows to the skin (Try seeing what happens if you skip this, I just wanted to be sure :slight_smile: !)
  • Fixed blendshapes by going through values manually and the original file containing
    <mesh_id>.<shapekey_value> s and converted it to <shapekey_value>

After doing this, I simply removed all of the repeat values:

<mesh_id>.<shapekey_value> is used to target specific mesh components
<shapekey_value> is used to target all mesh components.

This is pretty much like shooting fish in a barrel, so its not the ultimate solution:

The root cause is however the following.

Blender imports all of the mesh_id values and converts those to object_ids, and then generates the Untitled mesh_ids. There is a difference, as mesh_ids are used by fst, these values do not map to the values in the fst. Fix would be to modify the import script to use the object_names and mesh_ids as well. The Ascii returns the object Ids as the mesh ids, but the Binary FBX does not do this:

Other fun little info:

You can fix the Black eye issue by removing eye_L_black and eye_R_black components OR giving them a Z Transparency of 0.001. These are the ones causing the black eye issue, however they were originally used to add shinyness to the eyes, until the transparency fix.


Do u have a copy of the blend file you created with changes ?
if i export meri as a ascii fst file and use this fbx then everything works but the fingers

heres my asci fbx


Here you go (dont mind the missing eye, its actually there)

Modify this fst file when using the blend

Only changes I did after base import was just clear the pose, fix hair,
and fixed the black eye components. Could use a properly mirrored skeleton, as the current skeleton is not truely mirrored (result of the auto-rig I guess)
Brunt of the work is on the manual fst file adjustments.

Export settings were


Huge thanks @Menithal for working this out. Ill tweak the basic avatar a little more then make some tutorials that an idiot like me can follow