Blender Textured Model to Hf workflow


There may be other ways of doing this but it seems to work for attachments and mesh imports.
The other prog I used is
its free
The vids as quick as possible.(and a private link so no share)

King KevinThomas showed me to my shame that Write Normals needs to be checked in the OBJ export step in order for the mesh to show up textured on a windows pc. Mac people can see the models regardless , damn them all to hell.


Thank you Judas! Your workflow is very reasonable. How ever I must try to approximate it using Cinema 4D, Maya, or Studio Max. :frowning:


Cinema 4d Maya and Max all have correctly working fbx exporters just seems Blender being open source doesn’t really like them especially rigged ones.


Thanks, Judas! This came along just when I needed it to help me out. I am building an avatar head from scratch in Blender right now and will see if I can copy your workflow to get it into HiFi in the next day or two.