Blender - textures with alpha - differently results in HF


I’m working on a tree model. Now I discovered a strange behaviour of the textures, and I can’t identify, if it is my fault, because I made it wrong, or is it strange behaviour of HF?

When I upload the fbx model with attached textures, it just shows a solid white, where the transparency (blender materials is z-transparency) should be. If I copy the texture information from the ‘Original textures’ field to ‘textures’ in the edit mode in HF, the transparency comes up.

I don’t understand, why in this case, with identically information, the results are differently?


The texture file overrides the way how hifi reads the Blender version of the fbx file, and instead uses the all the channels of the texture instead and ignore the material properties that it reads from the blender exported fbx

Instead of using z-transparency when exporting from blender, Using Mask instead. I’ve had more luck with that one resulting in correct textures, rather than z-transparency.