Blendshape from Maya to Interface?


Hi all,

I saw the pose of using Blendshape in MakeHuman, and thought I would give Blendshape a try. I did a very simple setup in Maya; make a sphere and apply one blendshape and set animation keys; and then export it out as FBX with animation and blendshape options checked. When loading the fbx into Interface and activate the animation function in there, the blendshape animation is not working.

I wonder if I miss any steps? Thanks!




Unfortunately I dont know much about the modern maya, but I can give some information that may help:

Make sure that the blendshapes you create in maya match the fst spec. I have a list available here (this is a url) . This is unless you are using faceshift to map the blendshapes to these shapes via the fst file.

Animation keys are not currently necessary as FBX Shapekey animations are currently not supported only the geometry data of the blendshapes is available to avatars.