Blogging about the world


Is it okay to blog about what’s happening in-world, or should I wait until its a bit more polished?


No blogging yet, please!

This forum is designed to be your outlet & fulfill the need to share and be social, but indeed, we kept it private / invite only so that we could be relatively quiet about what we’re doing for now.

Thanks for asking.


Okay, I keep my fingers off the keyboard :slight_smile:


As part of the alpha program we ask you not to blog or otherwise post about our goings on during alpha. Thanks!


I totally agree!

I just wanted a post for everyone to see that it is too early now.


Can we say just that we are participating in the alpha, without any disclosure?


As far as I know only discuss it in here, I think because its much to early in development to be judged. I accidentally mentioned it to my partner and Phil flew over to the uk and had her shot. It was wrong of me I see than now :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi giulio, no mentioned at all about the Alpha.


Thanks for the clarification Chris.No mention.


Except for a few mentions and the presentations at conferences and online demos by Philip Rosedale, it does seem like you have a bunch of trustworthy alpha testers who are not blogging and tweeting about their experiences. I have been building up a few private posts with screenshots, experience notes and views that will stay private until comments can be open.

But it would be useful to hear on the forum here when that is okay with High Fidelity. Hence this post to watch this thread. Thanks.

What goes on in Alpha, stays in Alpha :slight_smile:


I think as alphas its our job to blog at least in the confines of the alpha forum our opinions and thoughts. And if our arguments are reasoned and well argued even disagreeable views should be listened too. A devils advocate is as much use or even more use than someone saying everything’s lovely and perfect. I think we all share the view that when Hf opens to the world it should be FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE and make everything that has gone before look like a dogs chew toy.
I know there is a lot to be done, I can see it growing and developing day by day. I have huge respect for the vision. discussion and criticism can only hone the project.


We’ll definitely let you know when we’re ready. Right now, we are not sure when that will be. First, we need the help of great Alphas like you all to get things working really well. Thank you!


Love the passion, Judas. Indeed, it should be [expletive] unbelievable before we launch :slight_smile: