Blogging Guidelines


I know I’m not the only blogger who has managed to end up in Alpha but I thought I’d ask what the blogging guidelines are.

So far I’ve treated the Alpha as if I’d signed an NDA and generally followed the official High Fidelity blog and blogged about that.

However there are lots of exciting things happening here I’d love to share. As Alpha grows there is the very real likelihood that more people are going to want to talk about their experience, are there are any official guidelines on what we should and should not say or should we follow the official lead from the main High Fidelity blog?


Hi @Ciaran_Laval , for now we are asking for no external blogging about the Alpha.


Thanks for the clarification Chris.


I think you mean “no external blogging” rather than “now external blogging” @Chris :slight_smile:

@Ciaran_Laval for my part I have been creating blog posts to document the emergence of HiFi since May but all are limited to being “private” and not accessible until we get the go ahead from @Chris


I’ve only blogged on High Fidelity when they have blogged on their site or Chris has said it’s ok to share something, such as the worklist information.

I like your approach though for a historical perspective on how the product developed.