Blowing things all out of scale


When I watch the blurb as I log into my domain I see a lot of textures being rescaled to 1448 square

I’m use to textures being 1024 or 2048, should i scale my textures to 1448?

also will the rescaling make things load slower?


According to code a maximal image is size 2048x1024 - that gives pixels = 2097152 for maximum square image of 1448.154687870049 (square root of 2048*1024) or 1448 x 1448, that explains why a 2000x2000 is rescaled to 1448 square.

As to time cost for rescaling - anyone’s guess without adding code to time them. Classic wisdom is an image should be a power of two - but that’s just lore without someone from developer side weighing in. I threw my crystal ball away.