Blur on distance, jaggies and AO


Just a few things I have noticed I thought id mention.

Viewing textures from certain angles display the texture
blurry from a short distance, Anisotropic filtering I think its called, you can
see from the pic, and also the antialiasing is quite noticeable as you can see
from the jagged edges.

Models that have smoothing groups applied to them don’t look
right with HiFi’s ambient occlusion turned on as you can see from the pic.


I don’t think it’s an anisotropic filtering issue as that angle isn’t particularly oblique. Even with no Anisotropic filtering on that image where you’re looking down the road, the double white lines wouldn’t cheese out like that. Looks more to me to be perhaps a depth of field issue. As if it’s cranked up really high and the focus is set close.


Hi @John_Laury I think if it were depth of field the buildings would also look kind of blurry aswell. I tested out the same angle and view of the same road texture in Opensim, in the pic you can see its similar to the result in HiFi with no anisotropic filtering,  and then with it enabled in an Opensim viewer.


Yeah, I did the same test you show there in high fi and had the same issue as you. I think at this point, HF just doesn’t have anisotropic filtering yet. It’s really needed too looking at your example.