Blurry text in users list


Between 2685 and 2690, the user display list got much harder to see. It looks like either the text background is now missing. Here is a composite photo showing how it looks depending on background:


Oh, not noticedd it before because i have a black sky. but for me the font is distorded weird scaled and looks terrible. Hard to read.


No sure if this is actually the same issue, but on my Linux Desktop with a fresh git pull and build I’m seeing this:

If you guys resize your window, do you also get a “Window resized … ” notification and with the same kind of blurry?


I havent bump into the same sort of text issues with resizing as @humbletim on Windows 7, but i do have to note that the latest text does indeed look illegible, especially the friends List text. It looks like a really high-rez and thin text that has been downscaled.

The Client text as well, when light on a dark background such as the one of the stats is now also a bit more illegible and condensed.


It looks like it is 8pt type, but even so it renders far worse than image editors doing the same thing. The column on the left is a screen capture of the interface app. The columns to the right are from Digital Image (yes, ancient image editor). Time for overlays that are not affected by the scene render pipeline.


ahhh a fellow enthuisiast of older software!

I use an old image editor too, It’s MILES smaller than photoshop and even more useful! (Jasc Paintshop Pro v.7.0 circa 1998)


Is the text also blurry on OSX? (In particular, 1920 x 1080 displays?)


I have a 1920x1080 display but good news is that 2733 fixes the text scaling problem, though it looks as if the font is bypassing Windows’ cleartype process. Also the font appears to have terrible kerning. So, much better, can use more work. However, users. js really needs to set a background, something like grey 30% transparent would do it and look nice. Otherwise you get this mess:


Actually, users.js does have a background … its still not always (most often not) being rendered by the graphics pipeline properly … sometimes it appears, depending on what other scripts (e.g., chat.js) are loaded that also use alpha backgrounds, and what order they’re loaded in.

So, there’s still a bug in the text overlay alpha rendering. I think that this is a known problem that’s being worked on, but … @chris ?


Sofar on my screen it looks fine (windows 7) but the entities help is still complete wrong.


just try it against a lighter background (such as a daylight sky), you will find that it is NOT as functional as you migh think



and 6 point fonts cannot be read on most displays.


Explain that to the world, and the food industry :open_mouth:


First need a background before i can say if the font is blurry.
And i where only looking if the font where correct now the first time.