Brainstorm. better voice mute feedback


I just want to see what others think about the mute button.

My problem is that i have mute default enabled, good practice.
Problem is when you go to a domain or you meet someone you start to talk.
5 min later or so you notice that the mute button where enabled.

Since the mute indication is removed from the level meter things got worse because in the hud panel you not notice it. And with the new tablet design it’s going to be a drama.

So what are the options to get a good feedback if you have the microphone muted ? I can change my script i made in the past and add icon. Mabye that’s idea.

But do others have ideas to ?

(Corrected spelling error)


If the javascript has access to the local microphone level, (regardless of mute state)

It would be fairly trivial, to write a short script that checks current mic level, and play a sound localy if muted.