Bridge Mixed Reality aka AR on iPhone


Not sure why they chose to develop this solely on iPhone but it looks nice, hopefully more than demoware. That thingy atop the iPhone is an inside out room space tracker. That plus a lot of code in an app running on the iPhone (which means Apple approved it) performs positional tracking. There is code to make simple virtual objects in the realspace. No computer required, just like HoloLens though likely less pixel space. This not VR, but it shows how the “VR” gear is progressing. Another tech to watch.


Must be more heavy to. But not get excited about mobile phones. The need to improve lot’s. One of is to dump the app stores. And learn people that a program on pc is not app.


I agree. I am not personally excited about phoneGear because of resolution and frame rate issues. But, this is likely where the market will go first unless decent HMD (and requisite computer) prices drop significantly. Good to see movement.


They probably chose the iPhone because between iPhone and the other high end Android players in the game, iPhone generally comes out as the faster device when it comes to raw computing power. It’s an extremely tight platform, and is easily coded using Xcode which is full featured cross platform development kit that’s very powerful as well. It’s really quite interesting, and I would hope Apple would consider buying this company (we can afford it…lol), and infuse more R&D into this. This company is really going for a Hail Mary trying to do the sort of high end computing that goes on in Microsoft’s Hololens (which is REALLY nice), and it’s also a full high end PC in a headset. To pull off similar computing out of an iPhone, even a powerhouse like the 7Plus, is quite a feat. In any case, I look forward to seeing more of this and hope to see it available as a commercial product.