Bring back Welcome with rez permissions for all!


One of the things I really miss is the Welcome area from about 2 years ago that featured a large open space and some basketball and ping pong courts near the back. What was great about this domain was that it was public and everyone had rez permissions, and the server wiped itself clean once an hour or so to clean out all the stuff people created. I spent a lot of time there and the big difference between it and the cool but boring Spot is simple but profound: in the Spot you can’t rez, in the old welcome you could. In the old Welcome I spent hours watching people build stuff in real time. Experimenting. Laughing. Making stupid stuff and being silly. It was what high fidelity is all about: creating magic in VR. At the spot, once I’ve done a silly walk, and played with a rainbow gun there is nothing else to do but stand around and talk. Which is what everyone was doing at Welcome while at the same time utilizing the amazing tools of High Fidelity.

I think one of the reasons why the Spot is always so empty is that while it’s pretty, there isn’t anything to do.

I would like to call upon the developers to resurect the old Welcome area, complete with large open space and rez permissions. Call it Play or something.

I miss the more free-for-all vibe, where all of us could show what we know about creating in real time, in a casual and fun setting.

Maybe if the Devs won’t do it, one of us should.


Go to ‘maker’ that’s getting close to what welcome where with build functionality. Maker is public sandbox


Yes, Maker is cool. I guess I’m advocating for a “Maker” place that is designed specifically for the entire community, especially for new users.