Bringing in Google Charts into High Fidelity


Hi. As an economist I’m interested in finding ways to visualise data in a VR-environment. One way would be to make it possible to bring Google Charts into High Fidelity directly.

As I understand it Google Charts produces .svg-files that theoretically could be converted to an .obj or .fbx.

My question, as a rookie, is if you think this could be done? What I would like to do is to run a Javascript that creates a Google Chart that then shows up directly in High Fidelity. The Javascript does not necessarily have to reside in High Fidelity, although that would be convenient.


Blender will important sVG and export mesh
Would a web entity not be easier

If not hi-fi supports obj files these 3D models will open in a text editor and are pretty much just a list of coordinates


A web entity might be part of the solution, as it allows you to display Javascript. I guess I can find the code on the marketplace.

It would be real fun to make 3D-graphs also, however.


That sounds like a cool idea.

The SVG is naturally in an XML format, so it should be parseable. Only downside is that any extra styling could potentially make it a tad bit more difficult.

Generally however it probably would be simpler having direct access to from which the data is generated by the charts, from and make a 3d representation of it instead. Not quite sure on that though.

While simplest as @Judas Mentioned would be ofcourse would just be using the Web Entity for it :slight_smile:


When wanting to bring something into VR, the first thing I ask my self is how will this enhance the experience. Making a WEB entity that basically shows what any WEB browser shows is not particularly interesting, unless this is for a virtual conference that you plan to give. Then, yes, having a WEB entity as part of a virtual slide show makes sense.

I guess getting an idea of what you want to do in the virtual environment would be helpful to know.

That said , yes, you could probably write a script to suck in Google Chart data (since it is XML), and then on the fly create a 3D chart in the virtual space. Something like that was done in SL years ago that created 3D object charts from equations.


Seems like Google Charts is not supported by Web Entities as of now. At least it says “web browser not supported”. Can probably be circumvented somehow I guess.

Actually, I want to be able to do all these things. A basic slide show is of course easy to create and I probably will use that option. Even better would be graphs that are not restricted by the rectangular format, like semi-3D. The very best would be to also have real 3D-graphs that can be floated freely in space.

My idea is basically to be able to do graphs that are not limited by the boundaries of the web-entity. Something more like than PowerPoint. Taking Prezi and making it 3D would be fantastic. Storytelling in 3D.

That may sound a little ambitious, but I think HighFidelity is the perfect tool for moving in that direction. Plus that your students can be anywhere.


Actually found a tool that works very well with the web-entity. Not as elegant as Prezi, but a lot easier to use.