Broadcast To Tablet


Broadcast To Tablet

This entity script opens a web page on the in-world tablet upon being clicked or laser triggered.

How to Setup

  1. Create an entity that isn’t a zone.
  2. Install the script in the Script Url and let it run at least once. The script will update the UserData of the object with a URL parameter.
  3. Update the URL parameter in UserData to reflect the desired address you want to link.
  4. Click or laser trigger the object to double check that the URL entered loads.
  5. Done!


  • Giving users a personal version of a webpage to view up close.
  • A feedback form
  • Web controls for domain features


  • The script will set itself up for you. If there are any issues with this, then the script should be updated to resolve those problems.



This looks super helpful and interesting! I’ve been making VR movies in HiFi and one of our obstacles is rehearsing: actors can’t hold their scripts in hand like they would in real life. Hopefully this would help solve that problem, assuming I can drop a .pdf into dropbox and use that url for this. Thank you, I will try this and leave feedback!