[bug] avatar counter shows wrong count, its 1 avatar to low


i have spotted this problem a while ago but today i looked at it again with helping someone. the counter is wrong and show 1 avatar less then there are on the server. in this case am on my server and the counter still say 0 avatars.


Yeah, I actually noticed that the day I got on, I assumed it didn’t count yourself or I would have reported it earlier.


AFAIK that number you see is one less than the number of avatars in the server. It excludes you.


That we understand from the begin. but not sounds right. its better if it dont exclude yourself. people think that there can be something wrong. also with debugging its nicer if it just count every avatar on the sim. why exclude your own ? your on the sim. Just try to understand why we would not count all avatars?

Also if i want to know how many are in a room you count yourself to.


I reported this some time ago too, as its clearly wrong. The avatar count should definitely include yourself as the total avatars on the system… and to be consistent with (hopefully) later server side information. Its just confusing otherwise, and the label would need to say “Other Avatars except yourself” otherwise. It is easier and more understandable to remove the “-1”.


Done what i would do normally, made a bug report.


Hi @Richardus and @Ai_Austin it is not a bug as @b outlines above. Basically, those stats are things we are adding for development purposes and not to be considered a longer term GUI direction. Part of the whole point of JS overlays is that people will be able to throw up the UI they want.

Also, we are close to moving away from Github issues. We want to funnel everything through worklist as a way to manage bugs, features and community sponsored work.


This is good feedback about what you expect to see as a user for the number of avatars in your client.

To clarify what @chris means by “JS overlays”

Much of the GUI that you see on screen (model tools and voxel tools) is actually drawn via JS so that it is easily customizable to your liking. This will eventually be the case for stats-like information that a user wants to know when they are connected to a server. In the meantime - the stats you see displayed are created mostly for our development purposes, and this is why we make specific decisions about what is displayed there and in what format.


Thanks @b and @Chris. I suggest though that even for debugging “Servers” should be servers and avatars should count total in the domain/region not “avatars except yours”. Its quite likely that such a count will end up being displayed in some other ways in a beta and release version, so best to get things right and as expected by users early on. Just remove the “-1” :slight_smile:


@b and @Chris, its now clear. Just a brain cell that need to be back to training school :smile:
As developer it makes more sense that you only want to know how many others are in the domain. for a user at later stage it would be complete wrong…