BUG: Faceshift moves first-person camera


Faceshift running and enabled in Interface.
Normal first-person view.

As you move your head, the view moves about in a disconcerting manner: the camera seems to be attached to the avatar head rather than being stationary w.r.t. the avatar’s position.

The camera is stationary in full-screen mirror and third-person views, though, which is good.


Yes, I was actually talking about it with Philip a couple days ago.
I’m pretty sure this started as a feature and is not a bug,
but we are probably going to get rid of it sooner rather than later.


Third-person views?

Please, how does one access those?


@SterlingWright Use the “p” key to toggle between first and third person views.

You can also Alt+left-click-and-hold on an entity or (small) model and move the mouse to pan, orbit, and zoom the camera. Also hold Shift to orbit up/down. And Shift plus Ctrl to pan. … To me, the pan action is back-to-front and mouse is too sensitive, so I’ve provided a modified version of inspect.js that is more comparable with Second Life’s camera controls: http://ctrlaltstudio.com/downloads/hifi/scripts/inspect.js


Oh this is great, David! Thank you very very much.