BUG: First Person mode and Clipping Definition


This isn’t a really major issue, but it will once there is more avatar variation and with transport systems (especially with fantasy critters such as dragons): Please make sure that the rendering can be defined that something is a head through vertex groups (forexample do not render “Head” vertices if in first person). Similar occurred during @philip 's live demo at SVVR 2015 when he was riding what ever thing it was.

This comes if you head happens to move far enough, or if your head is long enough for it to happen. Here is an example:

earlier this didnt happen as much as the camera rotated with the head.


Yup. i see that every week on the meetings since i have webcam.
Also some restrictions and how your avatar respond with DDE and how far it can move would be nice.


Are all avatar models such that vertices that make up the head are labelled “Head”? Or are the vertices labelled “Head” only if the modeller specifically labels them such?


Generally, yes, all the bones that use the Head vertex group are on the head. However this should definetely by its own vertex group, such as FirstPersonHideGroup or something of the sort.


Is there any solution to this in sight? I want to wear a pumpkin on my head but it’s not pretty in first person.