Bug - forum does not parse query params in URI


I get this problem too whenever I post URIs of youtube videos where I want them to start at a specific time. It looks like the forum link parser tosses the query parameters. Example:

h t t p s://youtu.be/uAXtO5dMqEI?t=35 (the vid below should start at time 35 seconds but instead starts at the beginning:


Must be something at your side or browser. The video is starting perfect at 0:35 seconds here. I have btw the annoying autoplay disabled in firefox.


I should have clarified. I usually play the videos by following the link. It is the link that gets stripped of the query params. And, I think, it is the same reason why the google calendar params get snipped.


That’s annoying! Although, it may be YouTube’s fault–its embed generator doesn’t seem to automatically include a time option even when it’s specified for a plain link. That could be giving Discourse’s Onebox trouble.

This works

But it doesn’t allow a time here

Anyway! TL;DR, I’ll check in with Discourse.

Here’s the video I used for testing, just for fun: