Bug in Place Name website


I accidentally used periods instead of commas for my Path value in my Place Name configuration webpage ("/0.0.0"). This resulted in me always landing in the same coordinates of the domain I left from. After changing the Path to use commas ("/0,0,0"), I always landed at the right spot.

It may be helpful to put an instruction note on that field for users and/or test for a valid entry. Hope this helps others.


I don’t think place name of /0.0.0 is a bug really, it would parse as 0.0, which is no landing point. I guess it might be good to flag ppl if they try to enter that but why would you want to have the entry point be in corner of the domain? At least /100.0,100.0,100.0 might be better choice so that you could place stuff on all sides.


Thanks @Twa_Hinkle LOL, I have no clue where the corners of a domain are. I was just posting that question when you responded to this post. Maybe an example under the text box would help noobs like me. Thanks for the help.