Bug in the fix to detect bogus avatar


Interface now has determined my avatar is bogus, and (despite it’s authenticity) I am forced to wear default avatar. Very good but I do not wish to appear if I am not using my own avatar which is located on my resources server and which resource is certainly there.

I don’t wish to be Mathew, I do not wish to appear as anthropoid all unless it is with my custom (horse) avatar. What function decides when an avatar url is bogus? My avatar IS upon my remote resource server and I am able to call it into my assets and then display it.

This is a rub for me and I really really do not like entering hifi now and this is further restricting my desire to build. Any solutions? I will not enter hifi now. Until till I have resolved this issue, I will not longer be part of hifi.


What exactly is the log responding with when you try to use your avatar?

Could help pinpoint the issue.


Thanks Menithal you are a gem.

I do not know how to access the logs. Presently no error appears when I enter Interface and I very quietly appear as the default avatar. Looking in settings I see that the resource is listed as being the avatar to use.

Some quick instruction if you will and I’ll check that log out. Many have not seen me though I’ve been in hifi awhile as I always elected to be invisible until I could present myself in my own avatar. To do that now is not possible and an Alert flag “GO AWAY THAT AVATAR CAN NOT BE USED” would have saved me the embarrassment of appearing as an Avatar ( one I have worked quite awhile to achieve) inappropriate to me and send me on my way.


You can DM me with the Avatar file and Ill check as soon as I get home / check it manually atm? The default avatar is used now since the last Beta Release to make sure that no agent can be have no avatar set, so error messages get sent to logs

I suspect its either “Hips” bone not assigned or it not finding the avatar model file.

Logs can be accessed through the Developer > Log, which will pop up a new window.

As of the moment, I cannot exactly recall how to enable Developer Options (because I have them always on), but if you do not have Advanced Options enabled either, its the last or second to last tab.


ok here is the short snipit of log

[08/18 09:34:16] [DEBUG] Loaded font “:/Roboto.sdff” from Qt Resource System.
[08/18 09:34:16] [DEBUG] Error loading QUrl(“horse_brown_wm_00/horse_brown_wm_00.fst”)
[08/18 09:34:16] [DEBUG] Failed to load: horse_brown_wm_00/horse_brown_wm_00.fst
[08/18 09:34:16] [DEBUG] Using default after failing to load Avatar model: QUrl(“horse_brown_wm_00/horse_brown_wm_00.fst”)

you will note that the server issue is fixed and it is easy to download from now.

and the associated *.fbx work fine. If you would so kindly look at this and determine my difficulty. I would like to return to hifi but can not with this avatar issue confronting me as I have put a lot of work into this thing.

It is much appreciated, if you don’t have the time don’t fret about it as i fear hifi will exclude custom avatars in favor of those purchased from DAZ.


Looks like you have the .fst and the .fbx file in the same folder.
You should move the “horse_brown_wm_00.fst” to “http://blackbear.dnsalias.com/public/

I think that should work.


As @Ron.Khondji pointed out the fst’s model path is simply incorrect, : You have to keep the structure after using the packaging tool. To fix this quickly follow his instructions on it

Quick test using this modded fst file with absolute urls works fine.

As a protip: as long as you do not modify the skeleton order (add or remove or change bone structure, rescaling positioning is fine or add new objects (separate from your main mesh)) you do not have to repackage the model over and over again. You can then just keep updating the model :slight_smile: saves time


@Ron.Khondji and @Menithal Thank you both so much. I am once again, happily a horse. For some reason I can’t get my textures to load but that is not a horrible problem and I’ll scatter those textures in every possible folder in my resources server till they show. I do apologize for the knee jerk reaction, I read the thing about DAZ and thought of the implications and i was suddenly filled with apprehension when I could not obtain my preferred form where before I had no such trouble.
I was able to sort out the problem with my resources host and that was half the battle won. I am sooo much more comfortable again and I am very appreciative for your help. Now to start building the castle!


Can’t wait to see what hidden rooms and seekrit doors there might be in that castle. :smiley:


I have a lot of options. My scripter will be soon coming on board and I want to have him script some npc’s I’ve been developing. The castle will prove to be an entertaining project indeed. I want to get close to done with Equus village before I begin my western motif town.