Bug - Issue with cached textures


An issue with caching textures.

Steps to re-produce

Create mesh model 1 - say a simple cube with a texture named cube.jpg
Create mesh model 2 - same as above - texture named cube.jpg

Model 1 cube.jpg is all white, Model 2 cube.jpg is all any other color.

Place model 1 in a domain as model1.fbx
Place model 2 in a different domain as model2.fbx

Note that as you switch domains the texture remains same for whichever was seen first.
Restart interface logging back in at location where model had incorrect texture - noting the texture is now correct. Return to other domain noting texture remains that which was first seen as “cube.jpg”.

It seems cache sees cube.jpg as cached without regard to cube.jpg being different between model1.fbx and model2.fbx

Reported in worklist as https://worklist.net/20278



see its all in your mind 2


It usually is! :wink:

Hopefully this will get some attention. It’s basically seeing somename.jpg or somename.png as all the same image regardless of its path being served from being different or being embedded in different FBX files. Sure, we can try to give unique names to image assets as a short term workaround, but, that’s not viable fore the long haul. Chris and I spoke about this in world and I made the worklist thing. It’s something that needs some thought before the cache system become persistent across sessions or we’ll be doing a whole lotta cache clears.


i had it down as the same material name, so if u leave it set to default your in trouble, or u have to folder the file on ur server


Yeah - reason I found it… I decided my house needed more glass. So I cut a wall, rebaked etc. Uploaded version 14 only to see it still having version 13’s textures. Re-did it twice then crashed (for once a crash helped). Came back and looked fine. Sensing oddities, I place version 13 and it showed 14’s textures. It’s convoluted! lol

But - this must be said. It’s not reasonable to think every version of every model will have unique texture/material ID and unique image names. It’s likely that some form of rewriting the FBX when it’s registered as an asset will be needed to assign UUIDs to the bits it contains.