Bug or Feature? You decide


I can (and so can you) log into my Interface account from two different machines at the same time… can I double-spend my HFC because of that? Can I abuse my power? Is this intentional?



You can be logged in multiple places at the same time, however, you only have one wallet key and id, which is why the wallet is also separate. You can also be not logged in, yet still use the same wallet, as ownership is bound to it.

So you shouldnt be able to double spend. I also once tested sending money to my self to see if can replicate it. it wont allow you to do so, throwing and error.


But you can have multiple associates all logged into the same ‘ADMIN’ account for purposes of security on a given domain. Glad you tested the double-spend; I tried using wallet without being logged in when it first rolled (i’m sure many people did) and that of course will not work.

Interesting loophole tho…


But the wallet has its own separate password as its a file on your system that only contains your secret key to allow for modifications for your wallet on the blockchain, encrypted with the password.

If someone doesnt have the password, they dont have the access