Bug: Pasting name or password or pressing and releasing CTRL key moves mousepointer


Nice new login screen !

But one problem, when you paste the username or password in the fields. your mousepointer is moving to the top left of the window. So you need to find your mouse pointer back first, then drag it back to the center before you can enter the other information.

Why is the mousepointer moving when you paste ? that’s not a normal behavior.

  1. make sure you have the login screen
  2. copy your usename or password your clipboard (or random data for test)
  3. paste it in the login or password field.
  4. And your mouse pointer is gone !
  5. Move the mouse to make it visible again. (look in tpop left corner)

I have also just noticed that the mouse pointer is already dissapearing when you onliy hold the CTRL key and then release it. the same happens as in the above steps.

Added: It happens also when you press and release the CTRL key after you logged in,

Windows 7 64 bit - build 2625.