BUG: Rendering Order for UI Widgets


Just putting it up here as its own separate topic, because people are discussing it all over the place.

Basically the UI elements when an object is selected are being rendered first, even thought they should be the last things to be done. See

This makes the tools unusable.

Related to the Shiny Transparency update.

The edit popup window also doesnt seem to update, if something has just recenly been uploaded and requires relog/reconnection to domain.


Concur, Two major bugs were introduced. One is this z-buffer order problem where the editing widgets are now behind just about everything else. The next huge bug is the tarring effect. Enter edit and everything gets coated with a black tar shadow effect which often does not go away after exiting edit mode. Only quitting and re-launching the interface app fixes that one. I wonder if the inappropriate opaque shadow effect is an breaking artifact of the transparency changes.


@Menithal thanks for reporting that. The guys have it on there list.


A Bugtracker would make this much easier.


@Phineas.Click https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/a-better-bug-reporting-system-please/1422/2


@chris can I ask, in what way does this bug tracking help us if alphas cant add our bug, or cant comment on a bug, its all very well for internal but we are the ones seeing the bugs. This is not a bug reporting system. Its a bug tracking system.

Also there isnt even a link, where can we see this tracking system?

At the end of the day we still dont have a bug reporting system, and I dont understand why, I have said this a dozen times before.


There is a Suggestion on the Worklist, to make use of a Bugtracking/reporting System : #20568