Bug Report build 417: Crashes on @ command


Not all the time, but it sometimes crashes when I use the “Go” command.


Which system? Maybe the console log? Self build or download?


Should alphas report bugs on gitter or in here? I ask because I don’t wanna spam the team with things they already know about. and I also don’t want to report things in a stupid manner anyways here goes.

Windows 479 when you import a schematic in world or a svo, you can’t place it, on the mac pressing command v places it but there seems to be no way in windows ( I tried the obvious ctrl v alt v etc).

Also in 479 turning on shadows seems to make voxels disappear.


Download for Mac OS-X


Hi @Judas thanks for asking. These would be better in issue section on Github. https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/issues?state=open