Bug... Selected entity issues (the many)


Selecting an entity by clicking it does not always highlite it on the entities list. Making it impossible to identify which object is actually selected

Selecting an entity via the list does not always select the object, clicking till blue in the face does not select anything.

Selecting an entity by clicking on it does not always select or respond in any way. Clicking until blue in the face does not help, entity decides if it will be selected or not.

Summary: Selecting objects is very hit and miss. The click does not seem to be responding .


I’ve experienced as well to some degree as well. Ive also notice the black/grey selection thing is hard to see in some cases and it should have some colors

PS. There is the bug section tag now available


I think, not tie me on that, that you can choice wshat color the edit tool need to have inworld when you have the edit entities properties open it’s the first tab.

But, it’s better if at some point that color is changing automatic if the background is around the same color.