Build 1684 shows no entity icons


I dont know if they are hidden or missing or the build is faulty or that this isnt even a dream.
But I had to revert to an earlier build so life can continue.

Can someone elucidate please.


The script is running ? Cannot check here, otherwise i did. downloads still blocked


It looks, and I stress looks/seems, a change to the edit tools is in progress. The editEntities.js script now loads a small icon set in upper right corner that looks more like a camera control and avatar radar. Whatever it is or intended to be it’s not much use for building at the moment. I picked a bad year to do my tradition of new year, new sim.


same problem , when i reload allscripts i see the build menu appear for a split second b4 it vanishes, maybe its off the edge of the screen somwhere like the new first person radar thingy pushes sideways?


A fix has been merged and should be deployed shortly