Build 2657+ - Commentary


Almost guys almost back :thumbsup:
We should probably start creating threads for major versions which track that versions (until another major feature) bugs
So lets start with the current latest.

Havent seen the cursed black box too :smiley: (I can finally start working on getting my Centre/Center domain up and decorated!)

Window Mirror is still upside down though. infact the stars look off in it now too!

Some odd alpha layering with some entities now that didnt used to happen

Gonna test the stability for now: Seems so far much more stable (been able to fly around earth for 5 minutes without crashing after each step.) Crashed after reaching a specific speed threshold though. needs more testing.


Big black editing rectangle - fixed
Black tar shadows in edit mode - fixed
Software icky cursor - not fixed

Setting aside, for the moment, that the light blue extremely thin circle and dot has a myriad of human interface issues, I do suggest that if interface is going to use software cursor emulation, please do the input acceptance and cursor drawing in another higher priority thread. Right now I see the software cursor stop and stutter whenever entities are loading or other heavy render operations are occurring. This retro 1980s look is not cool. I can see why other people have been complaining that it is slow. The 40 - 500 millisecond delays in movement is jarringly visible, high latency and low fidelity :slight_smile:


On the latest version, 2662, Ive been having som minor crash issues at sandbox. Also Ive noticed you can also drag around the market/edit ui component.


I do like the ability to position the UI elements. The various scripts must have been updated to do that, but the UX is a bit clunky. For example, moved the reborn pointer icon, but moving it also selects it, which is something I do not want to happen. We really need to discuss UI/UX standards soonest, get settled on select vs. reposition, which meta keys mean that, etc.


While the UI can be dragged around, Id like to have the ability to specific points to snap the around at (corners, center, etc) or a specific way to drag them around. Maybe a grid like system at some point.
In anycase, noticed the latest builds do not have any information on what changes went into them.


Unfortunately I wont be able to get to today’s meeting as I’m off to the country to celebrate Summer Solstice:
Now I have been mesh building (no textures yet, getting the layout and stuff done first) my Domain to be something else than just a void (Centre/Center) and with it been testing various edit tools.

Okay, here are some more comments after using 2678:

  • Point Lights seem broken now within zones when selected in edit more. Work otherwise OK
  • Point Lights Used to have a nice small sphere indicating where they were. Bounding box is visible but moving widgets are dark when selected.
  • Right click look-around is getting REALLY annoying when accidentally moving around unlocked entities with the edit window open. Please change to just press to focus / unfocus mouse from turning around:
  • Color picker is driving me nuts in its position within the Edit window (if at the scrolled near button, it should appear above the color zone, not below it)
  • It made look how it is done and notice how the interface “open windows” are done. Basically QtBrowser in windows that render an HTML page that runs JS with Jquery framework. Would prefer direct vanilla JS thought. Will look into it further in the future and maybe see if BabelJs (ES2015 polyfill) works with the QtWebview.
  • Still have some instability issues, not that many though as lastweek, but as some others have mentioned every 2 or 3rd run ends up crashing immediately. Would suggest a FAQ on how to handle these sorts of crashes though at some point (where to find the caches, config lock files etc) been having to do that a bit too often. So that new people have some way of testing other stuff than just instability
  • PolyVoxel editing seemed to go broken at somepoint between updates on Wednesday and Thursday (I dont have time to test it out again atm)
  • Now with walking animations I am seeing my Eyeballs and mouth quite more often than Id like: Would like the ability to define vertices that simply do not render for the user client when in first person: instead of clipping by distance.
  • Mirror still broken. Gonna keep mentioning this till fixed. I tend to like to use it to see what expression is on my character
  • When adding a new entity through “upload” quite often the model comes into the domain, but does not show up on the edit list or be selected via the edit tool: Requires relog or connecting to an outside domain, and then back.