Build 2732 crashing easy


Weird problems with the latest builld

Crashing in edit modem when i try too look at my mesh door with alpha that’s not doing what i want in hifi or in blender. Or both.

Just tried to create the same problem by using the high fidelity crate from marketplace. At that point when i where camming around a few servers got killed. And the world disappeared.

Also my camera get weird in edit mode when you take a snapshot . when i did get object from marketplace, some weird cube appeared. for soem reason i got zoomed out and cannot get closer to my avatar if edit is enabled.

The white cube still appears when i restart interface.exe and open edit.

Back to 2730, that one works much better.


Confirmed. Edit an entity. Left-click on it, then alt-up_arrow = crash


Is that what that is? I am so used to the entire program going offline (and/or locking up)

I’ve been online with 2 different machines a few times today,(both the same build) and both “crash” simultaneously. As such I cannot be sure if it is an unusually simultaneous crashing of 2 very different machines or the crashing (and eventual restarting) of the Stack Manager